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Google and Microsoft want to kill your phone if it's stolen. Do you feel safer?

Kill switch

The law enforcement group Secure Our Smartphones is claiming victory after Google and Microsoft announced they will add a "kill switch" to their mobile operating systems.

Android NFC hack lets subway riders evade fares

Android NFC hack lets subway riders evade fares

Disposable or limited-use contactless fare cards used in New Jersey and San Francisco have insecure implementations of the Mifare Ultralight chip that can be reset to get free rides, security researchers have shown.

Anonymous gets dirty, releases nude photos of BART spokesman Linton Johnson

Linton Johnson - Anonymous gets dirty

Partially nude photographs of a man said to be Linton Johnson, the chief spokesperson for the San Francisco's BART, have been released onto the internet in what seems to be the latest outbreak of hostility between the transport network and the Anonymous hacktivist group.

BART Police database hacked - names and addresses posted online


A database belonging to the BART Police Officers Association appears to have been hacked, and the names, postal and email addresses of officers posted online.

Sophos bloggers at the RSA Conference

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Sophos will be out in force at the RSA Conference in San Francisco next week, giving you the opportunity to see our products in action and meet (amongst others) bloggers Paul Ducklin, Chet Wisniewski and err.. me. Topically enough, considering Read more…