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Apple updates OS X Safari - patches a year's worth of holes, but not on Snow Leopard


In all the excitement over the End of Windows XP and next Tuesday's Ultimate Update...

...we sort of forgot to write about Apple.

Here's the scoop on the lates OS X Safari browser update, patching 27 vulnerabilities.

Rooting SIM cards - BlackHat speaker says he may be able to "own your phone" with a text message


Mobile security researcher Karsten Nohl says he'll explain at the BlackHat conference how he can remotely "own" mobile phones with a single text message.

Paul Ducklin looks at what Nohl has said so far, and ponders how hard this might be to sort out...

New security hole found in multiple Java versions

New security hole found in multiple Java versions

The same team of Polish researchers who discovered a critical security hole in Oracle’s Java software say that they uncovered another such hole, which could be used to bypass the secure application “sandbox” on most recent versions of Java.

WWDC 2012 keynote highlights Apple security strengths and weaknesses

WWDC 2012 keynote highlights Apple security strengths and weaknesses

Apple's announcement about new products at WWDC 2012 was peppered with information related to security and privacy, Joshua Long reports.

Apple's OS X sandbox has a gaping hole - or not

Apple's OS X sandbox has a gaping hole - or not

Argentinian security researchers have publicised what they call a hole in Apple's OS X sandbox. Apple says the sandbox is, strictly speaking, doing what it says on the tin.

The rest of us can't actually see what it says on the tin - so who's right?

Apple releases Mac OS X Lion - Sophos users are protected


Sophos's anti-virus products are compatible with the latest version of Mac OS X, codenamed "Lion".

Apple pushes out critical Java security update for OS X users


Oracle published its latest update to the Java Platform in the second week of June, pushing out the impressively-named Java SE 6 1.6.0_26.

Apple has now caught up, and OS X users are strongly advised to apply this latest update.

New Adobe Flash zero day in the wild - infects through MS Word documents


Adobe has released an advisory warning users about a new zero day flaw in their ubiquitous Flash Player software. Watch out for malicious Word documents, especially if you work for the US government or related industries.

Apple, Facebook, Adobe, Firesheep - 90 Sec Roundup - Nov 2010


Don't just read the latest computer security news - watch it in just 90 seconds!

This month: Apple has all sorts of fun; Facebook decides its users are "inauthentic"; Adobe gets a sandbox to play in ; and Firesheep puts you on notice.

Adobe Reader X with sandboxing now available


Adobe releases Adobe Reader X, complete with a sandbox, in an attempt to improve security.

Adobe announces Reader X and Acrobat X editions

Adobe announces Reader X and Acrobat X editions

Adobe has announced the long-awaited sandboxed versions of their ubiquitous Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat applications, now branded as X. Brad Arkin, Adobe's Senior Director of Product Security and Privacy, first spoke with Sophos about Adobe's plans to better secure Read more…

Adobe is listening - Announces Adobe Reader with sandbox mode

Acrobat logo in a sandbox

Adobe has become the whipping boy for many security pundits over the last 24 months, but today they have made the most public move to change that opinion since announcing a new security strategy in May 2009. Brad Arkin their Read more…

PDF and Java malware target unpatched PCs - Part 2

Virtual image of a sandbox

Last week I posted about some new malware targeting Adobe vulnerabilities and I included Java in the title... Shame on me, I forgot to include the part about Java! I will call this blog part 2 and detail the Java Read more…