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How to sleep tight and not get scammed on Airbnb

How to sleep tight and not get scammed on Airbnb

Airbnb can be a wonderful way for locals and visitors to connect. But like many online services, it's also a playground for scammers. Here are some tips on how to use the service safely.

Robocall spotting contest launched by FTC

Robot. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

The US Federal Trade Commission has launched a pair of competitions to stimulate research into technological approaches to the problem of robocalls.

Phish of the Week - when adjectives just aren't enough

We aren't really supposed to chuckle at spams and scams.

But here's a phishing story that will make you smile yet still be educational...

Don’t let the Grinch steal Christmas: how to avoid festive fraudsters

Don’t let the Grinch steal Christmas: tips for avoiding festive fraudsters

Take a little more time to record what you've bought, from who or where, and how much it cost - and don't let your guard slip at this hectic time of year.

SSCC 175 - "My, what an ENORMOUS malware infection you have!" [PODCAST]

Here's the latest episode of our weekly security podcast.

For your listening pleasure - the news you can use!

Microsoft vows to clean away misleading apps from its Windows Store

App store

Microsoft is vowing to clean up Windows Store after a recent survey of the app store found many scam apps that were deceptively labeled with logos and names of legitimate apps.

This has been an ongoing problem. Will Microsoft finally rid its store of "crap apps"?

Google and Facebook join forces to take down fake tech support scammers

Online ad clicks

Web giants Google and Facebook are striking back against tech support scammers who use the companies' ad networks to snag victims.

Black Friday spams are too good to be true


With the holiday season approaching and lots of super good deals being offered around the American Thanksgiving holiday, retailers aren't the only ones looking to make a buck.

Spring ushers in US tax scam season

Spring ushers in US tax scam season

To remind taxpayers to be on the lookout for scams ranging from identity theft to return-preparer fraud, the IRS posted its Dirty Dozen list of tax scams for 2013.

Holiday hucksters won't stop at Cyber Monday

Holiday hucksters won't stop at Cyber Monday

While the biggest shopping days of the year in the United States are now over, the scams are likely to continue through the end of the year. Read on for tips on what to look for.

Hurricane Sandy spams lead to survey scams

Hurricane Sandy spams lead to survey scams

As usual online scam artists have latched onto the interest in Hurricane Sandy to attempt to lure people into their traps. It is only spam and survey scams at the moment, but be on the lookout for further attacks.

Practical IT: How your firm can better secure access to social networks


Facebook’s potential to ruin (or make) your business is a common news topic. We've looked into the risks, and how businesses might provide a more secure way of accessing social networks.

Cyber romance scams cost US victims $50 million in 2011


Who doesn't love a good romance story? Oh, probably those who have ended up losing out on a lot of money.

Don't get slammed by Super Bowl scams

Super Bowl XLVI

The countdown to first kickoff in Super Bowl XLVI on February 5 has begun, and scams for knock-off team jerseys, counterfeit memorabilia, and fake YouTube videos will be sure to hammer our defenses.

How to stay safe when traveling for the holidays


Whether you approach the holiday travel season with dread or excitement chances are you will be carrying one or more mobile devices and looking for those last minute travel bargains. Naked Security's Lisa Vaas provides her advice on what to watch out for this year.

Jobs opportunities for Apple scammers?

Apple in child's hand

Steve Jobs has now done what many of us thought would happen sooner or later - stepped off the very prestigious CEO plinth, taking a less taxing role as chairman of the Apple board.

BBC News/Dad walks in on daughter Facebook scams


Facebook continues to be hit hard by scammers. This time they are pretending to be BBC News and playing to the curiosity of Facebook users who want to see the video "Dad walks in on daughter... EMBARRASING!!!".

Bogus support call scams - this time with market research

Bogus support call scams - this time with market research

Bogus support call scams remain a big problem in Australia.

This time round, the crooks seem to have done their homework, doing a spot of market research first, then waiting a few weeks before starting the scam.

IPv6 and cybercrime - what's the story?


I've recently returned from the Australian IPv6 Summit 2010, where I was invited to give a talk about IPv6 and cybercriminality. Does switching to IPv6 have the handy side-effect of kicking the Bad Guys in the teeth?