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Kmart becomes the latest retail data breach victim


Kmart has been confirmed as the latest retail chain to be breached after its parent company admitted that some customers’ debit and credit card numbers had been compromised.

Cupid Media "breached Privacy act" after storing users' passwords in plain text

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The Australian Privacy Commissioner has ruled that Cupid Media Pty Ltd breached the Privacy Act following a data breach which saw over 40 million customer records exposed.

Nintendo fixes Wii U network after claims of accidental hack

Nintendo's fixes Wii U network after claims of accidental hack

Just hours after the US launch of Nintendo's latest game console, the Wii U, a video game fan claims that he accidentally "hacked" into the console's online component - the Miiverse.

Data loss at logo

Large online retailer has emailed its customers yesterday admitting to a security breach in its marketing communications. Names and emails may have been compromised. claims the breach happened outside its walls, so presumably they use a third party marketing consultancy to manage part or all of its marketing activities.

Apple's worst security breach, or a great big hyperbole?

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According to aptly-named shock-gossip site, Apple has just suffered its worst security breach. Alongside a headlined article entitled "Hottie Banker's Boob Implant Video: 'I Want to Be Tits on a Stick'", you can read how this "worst security breach" Read more…