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LinkedIn settles class action suit over 2012 unsalted password leak

LinkedIn settles class action suit over 2012 unsalted password leak

LinkedIn is privately settling the 2012 unsalted password leak. Were you one of the 800,000 affected users? Here's what you need to know.

US school to fork over $70K for hassling sixth-grader about Facebook posting

US school to fork over $70K for hassling sixth-grader about Facebook posting

Riley Stratton was forced to hand over her Facebook and email passwords and, with a police officer in the room, school officials searched her Facebook page for an alleged conversation she had with a boy about sex. Is this a grade-school version of prosecutorial overreach?

Judge approves $22.5M Google fine for violating Safari privacy


A U.S. federal judge in San Francisco gives the nod of approval, declaring that Google should pay a $22.5M USD fine for misleading consumers about the privacy protections offered to users of Apple's Safari web browser.

FTC smacks down security sloppiness by web analytics company Compete


The FTC has settled with web analytics company Compete, Inc. over poor security. Compete has agreed not to do it again, and to audit itself every two years for 20 years.

What do you think? Is that a stiff enough penalty? Have your say in our comments section...

Google staffs up 'Red Team' to protect the world from its privacy lapses

Google staffs up 'Red Team' to poke at its own privacy practices post-FTC settlement

Is the job listing for a Data Privacy Engineer proof that Google's mending its privacy ways, or is the gesture as empty as the HTML form it used to slip past Safari's no-tracking controls?

$20 million is not enough! How much should Facebook pay for settling sponsored stories dispute?

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A judge has rejected Facebook’s settlement offer of $10 million for lawyers and $10 million for privacy groups in a privacy lawsuit over the use of users’ names and faces in "Sponsored Stories" ads.

Facebook slapped by FTC for failing to meet security promises


The US Federal Trade Commission has agreed its settlement with Facebook. What do you think the penalties are?

Facebook to pay out $10 million to settle 'Sponsored story' lawsuit

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Facebook has agreed to pay out $10 million to settle a class action lawsuit brought by users unhappy over the use of their details in Sponsored Story ads.

FTC issues rebates to victims of fake anti-virus scam

FTC files complaint against Wyndham Hotels for not protecting sensitive customer information

The FTC has reached a settlement with fake anti-virus sellers Innovative Marketing for $8.2 million. The FTC will begin sending rebate checks to more than 320,000 victims.

FTC settles with Facebook, alleges promises weren't kept


The FTC has announced a tentative agreement with Facebook to address alleged privacy abuses the company inflicted on its users. Does the agreement go far enough?

Buzz over Google's $8.5 million lawsuit settlement


Google today took what it labelled the exceptional step of mass-mailing all Gmail users to announce a settlement in the Buzz lawsuit. According to Google, that lawsuit is now sorted out. But those who were hoping to pick up some personal largesse from Google's deep pockets will be disappointed.