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Snapchat, less ghostly than ever, now lets you pay to replay snaps


The paid replay option only allows you to replay any given snap once, but that's still one more time than you might expect for an image that's supposed to "disappear" after it's viewed.

WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger could be banned by UK's newly proposed bill

WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger could by banned by UK's newly proposed bill

Newly proposed UK legislation will demand that messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Snapchat remove encryption from their apps altogether or see them banned.

It's time we stopped calling Millennials "dumb" about data privacy


Among the impressions people have of Millennials is that they are self-obsessed, addicted to oversharing on social media, and clueless when it comes to online privacy. Here's why that's wrong.

Authentication is all around us! 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]

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Snapchat issues first transparency report on law enforcement data requests

Snapchat issues first transparency report on law enforcement data requests

It's a big step forward in transparency for Snapchat, which formerly described its service in a way that might lead users to think turning over their content to law enforcement would be impossible.

Koppie Koppie sells photos of your kids to prove you shouldn't post them online

Image of mother and little baby taking selfie courtesy of Rasstock /

Two "privacy advocates" running an online store that sells mugs printed with pictures of children are intentionally stirring up controversy by grabbing photos from Flickr. The duo behind Koppie Koppie say it's perfectly legal, but they hope you get mad about it anyway.

Snapchat tells teens: Keep your clothes on!

Snapchat to teens: Keep your clothes on!

Somebody should have told the kids whose racy snap went viral: Snapchat's got a new Safety Center that nixes nudity and sex, at least for minors.

David Cameron wants to ban encrypted apps like iMessage and Whatsapp

David Cameron. Image courtesy of Frederic Legrand - COMEO / Shutterstock.

In the wake of the Paris attacks, UK Prime Minister David Cameron is targeting encrypted communications that governments can't read.

12 Days competition: Day 11 - Now you see it, now you...ah...still see it

Can you work out the answer to our question in Day 11 of our 12 Days of Christmas competition?

Protect your teens: 7 apps and websites parents should be aware of

Protect your teens: 10 sites parents should be aware of

Teens and tweens are heading in droves to apps and social platforms where they can't bump into their dads. Here are 7 apps and websites you need to be aware of.

Snapchat to warn users about third-party apps, ask them to change their passwords

Selfie. Image courtesy of Shutterstock

Snapchat is now looking out for people using third-party apps, warning them that's against the terms of service, and asking them to change their Snapchat passwords.

College kids still using Snapchat despite 'The Snappening', says report

College kids still using Snapchat, 'The Snappening' be damned

A study found that 75% of undergraduates said they planned to keep on using Snapchat in the same way as before, despite photos being snatched from a non-secure third-party service.

Snapchat escapes Australian cyberbullying crackdown, for now

Snapchat escapes Australia's cyberbullying crackdown, for now

Australia's cyberbullying crackdown won't see the country putting any legal muscle into forcing "smaller" social media firms like Snapchat to take down harassing content, a Parliament spokesman said on Tuesday.

'The Snappening’: stolen Snapchat photos site defaced, details of site owner published

Snappening fans deface Snapchat photos site after it comes down

Owner of photo site, Mudit Grover, took the stolen Snapchat images and the site down. But within hours, attackers identifying themselves as "Team Danny" allegedly took over the domain and published Grover's personal details.

Snapchat to address sketchy third-party apps with public API ... at some point

Snapchat logo

Oh, those darn third-party apps, their home-brewed APIs and their photo-leaking ways, Snapchat moaned on Wednesday morning, promising to cook up a public API to fix the situation... sooner or later.

'The Snappening': Snapchat images flood the internet after hack

Hundreds of thousands of supposedly self-destructing Snapchat snaps have been apparently jimmied out of the database for, a third-party website not affiliated with Snapchat which allows users to save unopened photos from Snapchat without the sender knowing the images have been saved.

SSCC 167 - Avoiding the shock of Shellshock (and more!) [PODCAST]

Here's the latest episode of our weekly Chet Chat podcast!

Shellshock leads the list, of course, but Snapchat, cybersecurity awareness and the iPhone 6 all get a look in too...

Snapchat says fat spam is not its fault

Snapchat says fat spam is not its fault

Have your Snapchat friends taken to calling you fat recently? If so, don't get mad at them - their suggestion that you pop a weight loss pill is probably the result of having their account hacked.