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Twitter to start snooping at which apps you have installed - here's how to opt out

Peeking. Image courtesy of Shutterstock

Twitter is set to start peeking on users' iPhones, iPads and Androids in order to see what apps they have downloaded. It's opt-in by default, so here's how to opt out.

Germany considers replacing email with typewriters to evade spying

Germany to replace email with typewriters to duck US spying?

The country's pondering manual typewriters, however, unlike Russia's reported embrace of electric typewriters last year. Russia should be well aware that you can plug a keylogger into those e-typewriters, given that it pulled that stunt on IBM Selectrics back in the 70s!

Cop installs keylogger on his wife's sensitive work computer, gets probation. Does the punishment fit the crime?

Cop installs keylogger on his wife's sensitive work computer. Gets probation

A man decides to snoop on his wife's online activity to see if she's being unfaithful by attaching a hardware keylogger to her PC. He goes after her work machine which is used for sensitive court work, including payment processing. He's a cop. He receives probation and a fine as a punishment. Is that enough?

Computer Security Day, Forward secrecy, XP 0-day and YouTube spam - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]


When is Computer Security Day? What can forward secrecy do for you? Can you believe there's an 0-day in XP?

Have some fun finding out the answers in this week's 60 Second Security!

Bloomberg accused of "snooping" on customers for journalistic gain

A brouhaha is brewing after claims late last week that financial media giant Bloomberg had been using its proprietary data terminals to snoop on its customers.

Intriguingly, the Bloomberg fuss is as much about what you *didn't* say or search for as what you did...

Man who spied on cheating wife's email has charges against him dropped (because she was snooping back)

Husband who spied on cheating wife's email has charges against him dropped

Would you ever snoop on your spouse's email?

When Leon Walker began to read his wife's email, he confirmed she was having an affair. But that was only the start of the trouble he found himself in..

Facebook/Twitter hacks by "friends" on the rise for teens and young adults

Facebook/Twitter hacks by "friends" on the rise for teens and young adults

A new survey of American teenagers and young adults has discovered that three out of every 10 have had their Facebook, Twitter or MySpace accounts broken into for the purposes of snooping or impersonation.

And most know who was responsible.

Google relents, offers "WiFi sniffing" opt-out

Google relents, offers "WiFi sniffing" opt-out

An article on Google's grandly-named European Public Policy Blog has just announced A new option for location-based services.

Opt-out from Google's gargantuan WiFi database, in simpler words.

Public unprivacy – is it all Google's fault?

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Google is back under the pump in Australia over its recent WiFi muck-up. The search juggernaut's Street View cars apparently recorded – by accident – some 600GB of unencrypted WiFi data whilst tracking and storing access point names and MAC Read more…