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Social media etiquette for Jim Carrey (and everyone else)

What Jim Carrey needs to know about social media privacy

Jim Carrey has apologized for tweeting a photo of a child without asking for permission. He's not the first!

3 questions you should be asking on Safer Internet Day


Keeping safe online is a journey, not a destination.

So, instead of telling you what to do on Safer Internet Day, we're going to arm you with 3 simple questions you can ask yourself whenever you want to try something new...

School rule-breakers to hand over Facebook and Twitter passwords

Students who cyberbully may forfeit social media passwords

US school students in the state of Illinois may be forced to give up their social media passwords if they're suspected of cyberbullying or of otherwise breaking school rules.

Social media users don't like discussing Snowden and surveillance online

Silence. Image courtesy of Shutterstock

Just 42% of those surveyed said they were willing to air their views or enter a discussion on Facebook or Twitter but 86% said they would be happy to discuss the NSA surveillance program in a face-to-face setting.

Is data privacy more important than ever?

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This article is inspired by another piece we've published today in which John Bryan asks 'is data privacy an out of date concept?' I think we all have a responsibility to ourselves and the younger generation to take greater steps to protect our data - we can't know the significance of exposure today on our lives tomorrow.

Is data privacy an out of date concept?

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For some people, it seems as if they put their whole lives on display on social media. They are often, themselves, posting the very information that organisations go to great lengths to try to protect. So are we trying to protect privacy based on past social values? Are we old-fashioned in trying to keep a lid on the social media generation?

Twitter introducing new direct message options - to combat spam or invite more?

Twitter screws up, sends deluge of password-reset messages

Twitter appears to be rolling out new options to allow the reception of direct messages from users you don't follow and new restrictions on what types of links can be sent through direct messages. Is this a safety feature or does is it too restrictive?

California gives teenagers an 'eraser button' to delete their web mistakes

California gives teenagers an 'eraser button' to delete their web mistakes

Legislators in California are working to give teens more control over content they have posted on the web by giving them the ability to push the reset button on their social media profiles.

Monday review - the hot 15 stories of the week

Monday review

It's weekly roundup time. Here's all the great stuff we've written in the past seven days.

Social media privacy explained - In plain English


Researchers at Canada's University of Victoria have published a website, CATSMI, that provides information on more than 20 social networks privacy policies and what they mean to you.

Would you let a spammer give you a root canal? Sure you would!

When someone contacts you entirely for their benefit, out of the blue, and pitches you a concept that is peculiar at best, and outright alarming at worst... really do find yourself thinking, "Why? WHY? What can the sender POSSIBLY hope to get out of this?"

FLAMING RETORT: Eleven UK government employees sacked over social media use at work!

The UK's Guardian newspaper laid into the Department for Work and Pensions yesterday with a story entitled "Eleven work and pensions civil servants sacked for using Twitter or Facebook".

Where does your organisation sit on the social media fence?

Would you insure your Twitter or Facebook account against trolls and hackers?

Eleven CA schoolkids expelled for hacking teacher accounts, bumping up grades

Would you pay a small, monthly fee to help cover the costs to restore your reputation, get your stolen identity back, and bury the most noxious content manufactured by trolls to torment you?

Today's Special - Honesty in soliciting Facebook Likes puts truth on the social media menu!

Today's Special - Truth on the social media menu!

How do you know whether the proud owner of a bunch of Likes is being honest about how those Likes were gleaned?

Paul Ducklin investigates a case of commercial honesty in respect of social media.

How to teach tomorrow's doctors about social media privacy

Teaching the next generation of doctors about digital privacy can’t just be about punishment

Social media and health care privacy may not mix well, but telling the trainees who have grown up with social media to simply "abstain – or else!" doesn't help students structure their behaviours in the digital age.

Employers on track to get more nosey with employees' social media lives

employer spying_thumb.jpg

By 2015, 60% of employers are likely to be eavesdropping on our social media selves to make sure our e-blabbing isn't poking security holes into their outfits, according to a recent report.

Doctors shouldn't buddy up with patients on Facebook or Twitter, hospitals warn

Doctors shouldn't buddy up with patients on Facebook or Twitter, hospitals warn

Hospitals, worried about lack of professionalism and inadvertent leaking of confidential data, are warning doctors not to set up relationships with patients on Facebook and Twitter.

Social media, the ultimate career-squasher


A new survey finds that 56% are likely to check out the social media profiles of potential employees.

If you want to avoid limiting your career progression, it might be time to clean-up your social networking accounts.

MyPermissions offers one-stop shop to clean up social media permissions

MyPermissions offers one-stop shop to clean up social media permissions

MyPermissions makes it simple to manage what applications and websites can access your online accounts.

Maybe it's time to get into the habit of regularly checking what you've given permission to, and whether you still want to grant a third party app or site access to your account?