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Schools hire snoopers to monitor kids on social networks. Is it OK? [POLL]

Social media snoopers hired by district to watch what children are saying online

Are you worried about what your child is up to on social media? Well, if you live in Southern California, you may have a few extra people watching your child's back.

Who likes porn sites better than Facebook or Twitter?


Recent numbers from a web measurement company that tracks our online clicks show that fingers prefer dreamily wandering to porn sites over hanging out on social networks.

Monday review - the hot 15 stories of the week

Monday review

It's weekly roundup time. Here's all the great stuff we've written in the past seven days.

Social media privacy explained - In plain English


Researchers at Canada's University of Victoria have published a website, CATSMI, that provides information on more than 20 social networks privacy policies and what they mean to you.

Holiday hucksters won't stop at Cyber Monday

Holiday hucksters won't stop at Cyber Monday

While the biggest shopping days of the year in the United States are now over, the scams are likely to continue through the end of the year. Read on for tips on what to look for.

View from the IT desk: Securing social networking in the workplace

View from the IT desk: Securing social networking in the workplace

In this age of "instant information" is it shortsighted to block social networking sites within an organisation purely because of stories in the press relating to scams, misuse and threats?

Practical IT: How your firm can better secure access to social networks


Facebook’s potential to ruin (or make) your business is a common news topic. We've looked into the risks, and how businesses might provide a more secure way of accessing social networks.

FTC puts Myspace on the naughty step for selling users' private information


Myspace settles charges with The FTC for sharing the private information and web browsing habits of its 25 million users with advertisers. Do you think it's enough of a slap on the wrist?

90-second security survey: take part and win a Christmas goodie bag from Sophos

goodie bag

Social networks, personal laptops at work and internet threats. Tell us what you think, and win a goodie bag.

Are you being stalked? Trust your instinct

Are you being stalked? Trust your instinct

A British charity has launched a campaign to raise awareness of stalking - both online and offline - and encourage victims to come forward and report the behaviour to the police.

Japanese tsunami video exploited by clickjackers

Japanese tsunami video exploited by clickjackers

An unashamed "Likejacking" site has stooped to the level of exploiting the recent and devastating tsunami in Japan as a drawcard.

This is just not acceptable business practice.

Sophos report reveals increase in social networking security threats

Security Threat Report 2011

Download your free copy of the Sophos Security Threat Report 2011 now and learn more about not just social networking dangers, but also the many other security threats faced by businesses and computer users.