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Dirty Dozen spam sending nations - find where you finished in our Q3 SPAMPIONSHIP chart

Another calendar quarter is behind us, so it is once again time to wade into our spam traps and work out the latest SPAMPIONSHIP standings.

That's where we look at the sources of spam in order to calculate the Dirty Dozen spam sending countries.

Twitter introducing new direct message options - to combat spam or invite more?

Twitter screws up, sends deluge of password-reset messages

Twitter appears to be rolling out new options to allow the reception of direct messages from users you don't follow and new restrictions on what types of links can be sent through direct messages. Is this a safety feature or does is it too restrictive?

Cybersecurity Awareness Month: 10th anniversary, 10 topical tales


October 2013 marks the 10th anniversary of the USA's annual Cybersecurity Awareness Month (CSAM).

So we thought we'd come up with 10 topics, in vaguely chronological order, that have burst into our collective security concerns at various times in the last decade.

Facebook finally wins $3 million payout in Power Ventures spam lawsuit

Facebook finally wins $3 million payout in Power Ventures spam lawsuit

Power Ventures lured Facebook users into handing over access to their contact lists, then spammed everyone they knew with emails urging them to join their site. Now that Facebook has won its five-year legal battle, has it earned back some trust?

LinkedIn users sue over service's "hacking" of contacts and spammy ways

Four users have filed a class action lawsuit over the way LinkedIn harvests email addresses without permission and then sends them marketing blurb.

'Hack Facebook' works great - on YOU, not your intended victim

'Hack Facebook' works great - on YOU, not your intended victim

Hack not lest ye be hacked yourself, says researcher Josh Long. The "Facebook Hacking Site" actually leads hacker-wannabes into receiving premium SMS texts that jack up their phone bills and may also collect login details, he's found.

Monday review - the hot 18 stories of the week

Monday review

Get yourself up to date with everything we've written in the last seven days - it's weekly roundup time.

Android holed again, JAY Z and "Magna Carta", Tumblr and HTTPS - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]


Another Android code verification flaw revealed, and JAY Z takes the concept of "Magna Carta" to a whole new level.

Take a minute to look at this week's 60 Second Security video to learn more!

The Dirty Dozen spamming countries - introducing the SophosLabs SPAMMIERSHIP League Tables!


Once every three months, we tot up our country-by-country spamtrap statistics for the previous quarter and calculate the Dirty Dozen.

Of course, this is one "competition" in which getting promoted into the Premier Division - the SPAMMIERSHIP - is a cause for disappointment, not jubilation...

Google's $6m SMS spam suit nearing payout time

Google's $6m SMS spam suit nearing payout time

A class action lawsuit brought against Google for mass SMS spamming is drawing to a close, with a final hearing last week upholding the $6 million compensation fund agreed a year ago.

Facebook leak, Canadian spam, Opera breach - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]


It's Saturday, and that means *60 Second Security*, where we aim to touch on some of the more thought-provoking security topics of the past week in just one minute of video.

Why not give this week's video a go?

Canada's long-delayed spam laws risk being quietly shelved

Canada's long-delayed anti-spam laws risk being quietly shelved

Anti-spam legislation in Canada should have been in force several years ago but it's unlikely that the laws will have any teeth for several more years, and they may even fall by the wayside. So Canadians, unless you want to be the weak link, pester your politicians to pull their collective fingers out.

Breakfast malware at Tiffany's? Trojan horses spammed out widely

Breakfast malware at Tiffany's? Trojan horses spammed out widely

Little blue boxes from Tiffany & Co. are the stuff of dreams for many. Don't let an unexpected email delivery - apparently from the company - make you so giddy with an excitement that you end up with a computer nightmare.

Outbreak! Fake Amazon UK emails spammed out, delivering malware

Fake Amazon UK emails spammed out, delivering malware

Although there has been increased talk recently on drive-by-downloads and compromised websites being used to deliver malware, it's worth remembering that email-based malware is far from dead.

"Wire transfer canceled"? Watch out for spammed-out malware attack

"Wire transfer canceled"? Watch out for spammed-out malware attack

If you've received an email in your inbox telling you that your wire transfer has been cancelled, take care - as it's the latest attempt by online criminals to infect the general public's Windows computers.

Would you let a spammer give you a root canal? Sure you would!

When someone contacts you entirely for their benefit, out of the blue, and pitches you a concept that is peculiar at best, and outright alarming at worst... really do find yourself thinking, "Why? WHY? What can the sender POSSIBLY hope to get out of this?"

New incoming fax message is actually malware - be on your guard!

Example of junk fax

Computer users are warned to be on the lookout for messages in their email inbox, claiming to be an incoming fax.

Monday review - the hot 22 stories of the week

Monday review - the hot stories of the week

In case you missed any recent stories, here's everything we wrote in the last seven days.

Goodbye to spam, er, @spam, on Twitter...

Twitter and its users have perennial problems with spam, as a quick search of Naked Security will reveal.

So you might be surprised that the micro-blogging site's own Twitter identity for reporting spam, the easily-remembered account "@spam", has been killed off.

Anatomy of a phish - how to spot a Man-in-the-Middle attack, and other security tips

Even if you are used to phishing scams, it still pays to take the occasional look at a scam campaign, just to remind yourself not to let your guard down.

Paul Ducklin digs into a recent "tax refund" phish with an added Man-in-the-Middle attack...