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Notorious cybercrime forum Darkode taken down, dozens arrested

Darkode forum taken down, dozens arrested in FBI and Europol operation

Darkode, a notorious cybercrime marketplace for malware, zero-day exploits, and botnets, was permanently shut down by a massive law enforcement operation coordinated between agencies in the US, Europe and elsewhere.

SSCC 205 - Update early, update often! [PODCAST]


Join Sophos experts John Shier and Paul Ducklin for the latest episode of our weekly security podcast, the Chet Chat.

News you can use...enjoy!

Zeus and SpyEye crime syndicate taken down by Europol


A European operation coordinated by Europol and Eurojust has dismantled an online crime syndicate thought to have caused €2m of damage with the Zeus and SpyEye banking trojans.

Guilty plea for SpyEye banking malware author

Guilty plea for SpyEye banking malware author

Panin, a Russian national, admitted to developing and distributing the banking malware, which was sold to over 150 clients through underground cybercrime forums, and is designed to compromise PCs and connect them to botnets of similarly backdoored systems.

Monday review - the hot 19 stories of the week

Monday review

It's that time of the week again - here's your roundup of everything we wrote in the last seven days.

Alleged "SpyEye" mastermind extradited to US

Alleged "SpyEye" mastermind extradited to US

The FBI suspects that 24-year-old Hamza Bendelladj, an Algerian national, developed, marketed, distributed and controlled the notorious botnet toolkit, used to steal millions of dollars from online bank accounts.

UK’s top ecrime investigator describes a life fighting cybercrime

UK’s top cyber investigator sees smaller payloads, bigger paydays for cyber crooks

UK Cybercrime investigator and Sophos consultant Bob Burls has been on the inside of some of the biggest law enforcement takedowns of the last decade.

Baltic SpyEye malware trio sent to prison

Baltic SpyEye malware trio sent to prison

Despite the cross-border challenges of prosecuting cybercrime, the cops sometimes do get their man - or men.

We think it's worth reminding you when this happens.

Microsoft and US Marshals bring down Zeus botnet servers [VIDEO]

Microsoft and US Marshals bring down Zeus botnet servers [VIDEO]

Microsoft, working with others in the financial services and computer security industry, has disrupted a number of botnets being used by the Zeus malware family, allegedly responsible for nearly half a billion dollars in damages.

SpyEye bank Trojan hides its fraud footprint


The latest variants of the information stealing SpyEye Trojan are now specializing in hiding fraudulent transactions from your online banking statements. Should we rethink giving up on our paper statements?

SSCC 73 - Patch Tuesday, UBS, SpyEye, Twit.tv and Windows 8

Sophos Security Chet Chat

Paul Ducklin joined Chet this week from a real-life Denial of Service situation at the domestic airport in Sydney, Australia. Topics discussed include Patch Tuesday, UBS losing £2.3bn, SpyEye on Android, Twit.tv hacked and Windows 8 including anti-virus.

SpyEye targeting Android users - just a copy of Zeus's strategy?


After the discovery an Android edition of the Zeus malware kit we did not have to wait long for a SpyEye Android release.

Vanja Švajcer, SophosLabs Principal Resarcher, investigates the differences.