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Scotland Yard was worried The X-Files and Star Trek could inspire anarchy in the UK


Special agents working at Scotland Yard were worried in the late '90s that cult religious groups inspired by TV series like Star Trek and The X-Files might commit widespread acts of violence ahead of the new millennium.

RIP Leonard Nimoy: a hero to Trekkies, but so much more than "Spock"

Leonard Nimoy photo courtesy of Vicki L. Miller /

Leonard Nimoy was beloved by millions, including many of us at Naked Security and at Sophos. So it is with great sadness that we acknowledge his passing on Friday, at the age of 83, and offer this modest tribute.

Don't lose your Klingon inheritance. It's spam of the day

Don't lose your Klingon inheritance. It's spam of the day

Our Klingon anti-virus product has been told it could receive a massive inheritance.

Hmm.. does anyone smell anything a bit Ferengi about this?

End of the road for Klingon Anti-Virus

End of the road for Klington anti-virus

Just shy of 100,000 people downloaded Sophos's Klingon Anti-Virus earlier this year, which offered to scan your Windows PC for viruses, spyware, adware, Tribbles and zero-day threats. During the course of the experiment we not only found that Helsinki was Read more…

April Fool: Shatner virus planted by hackers on orbiting satellite

Shatner virus planted on satellite

We published this story on 1 April 2009. Of course, the Shatner virus doesn't really exist, and Far Polo L1 is an anagram of Apr1l Fool. We hope you enjoy the joke (and the video!) as much as we enjoyed Read more…