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Leaks in logfiles, malware on Macs and Korean credit compromise - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]


Leaky logic leaves logins loose in logfiles; mendacious mails menace Macs with Mavericks malware, and criminal contractor compromises Korean credit company!

60 Sec Security - 25 Jan 2014...

SSCC 131 - Mac malware, Starbucks security, Apple versus FTC and giant Korean breach [PODCAST]


Chet and Duck turn a week's worth of lost data, malware attacks, misleading apologies and shabby security into actions you can take to steer a safer course in your own organisation.

Here's our weekly "podcast with a purpose"...

Will iPhone 5 have a fingerprint scanner? And will anybody use it?

Will iPhone 5 Boast A Fingerprint Scanner? And will anybody use it?

The internet is abuzz with whispers that Apple's iPhone 5, rumoured to be launched this week, will come with a fingerprint scanner to secure the device. If true, this could be a big step forward in iPhone's quest to become a digital wallet, but will convenience-crazy iPhone users embrace biometrics?

Free coffee from Starbucks and Tim Hortons? No, it's a Facebook scam


A scam promising free coffee vouchers and gift cards is targeting Facebook users. Like many scams previously, there is no gift card only someone trying to sign you up for costly surveys.

Dear Starbucks: The skinny on how you can be a security hero


Is there an easy way for free WiFi providers to restrict the damage Firesheep can do? We thought so, but it turns out not to be quite so easy after all.

Anatomy of a free Starbucks gift card scam

Image (1) starbucksscam1.png for post 25072

One trait that I developed since I started with Sophos is being calm under pressure. With virus and spam outbreaks, analysts needs to keep their nerves to analyze the situation and proceed to deal with the new threat. So, I Read more…