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TeslaCrypt ransomware attacks gamers - "all your files are belong to us!"


TeslaCrypt is a new ransomware that goes above and beyond CryptoLocker in the types of files it seeks out to hold for ransom, including those related to video games.

SophosLabs dug in to find out what TeslaCrypt has in store for gamers, and everyone else.

Online games services Steam and Origin fall as gamers ring in New Year DDoS-ing

Online games Steam and Origin fall as gamers ring in New Year DDoS-ing

Gamers have come up with a new game this week: DDoS games that their targets like to play. Scores of games fell flat on their faces.

Data leaks at Stratfor and Care2 mark the end of a year riddled with data theft


As 2011 comes to a close it is clear there is much to be done to better secure our information in the "cloud". I look back at the major data loss incidents of the year and speculate this isn't the last we will see of our information being p0wned.

Steam goes public on data breach - but will it delay the launch of Skyrim?


Steam, the online empire of computer game behemoth Valve Corporation, has issued details of the hack it suffered last weekend.

If you're a Steam user, find out what you should be doing next...

Steam phishing targets video game players


Phishing emails target Steam video game players.

Will you be too trigger-happy next time you receive an email claiming to come from Steam?