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Your personal cloud of microbes could one day be used to profile you


Every time we sneeze, cough, scratch, fart, or touch something, we leave behind traces of ourselves. Could this microbial evidence one day be used to identify and surveil us?

Night-vision goggles to be used to thwart pirating of new Bond film

Night vision goggles. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

Pirates, forget the hide-it-in-the-popcorn-box trick: staff will have gadgetry on par with what 007 would get from Q.

Facebook: our cookies keep you safe from cyber terrorists!


Belgian data protection authority: You're as bad as the NSA!!!

Tor relay turned back on after unanimous library vote

shutterstock_229049587 (1)

The motto of New Hampshire is, "Live Free or Die." Some of its librarians seem to be taking that seriously...

Public library shelves plans to become part of Tor

Chopped onion. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

Within a few weeks of setting up as a relay, DHS let it be known that the library's plans to eventually become a Tor exit node might not be a wise course of action.

AI surveillance camera tells you what it sees when it recognises you


Thanks to two researchers, we have a window into what those cameras think as they capture our images and movements.

Unnoticed Firefox attacker had access to severe vulnerabilities for over a year


An attacker with access to security-sensitive information about the Firefox web browser went unnoticed for as much as two years, putting hundreds of millions of users at risk.

US law enforcement now needs a warrant to use stingrays


Federal law enforcement agencies will now require a warrant before they can deploy stingrays and other similar devices. Any data collected will also have to be deleted post haste.

Now there's a species of crayfish named after Edward Snowden


In a research paper published this week in the journal ZooKeys, German carcinologist Christian Lukhaup revealed the name of a new species of crayfish he discovered. He called it Cherax snowden.

Stingrays used to track petty crime


Baltimore revealed that it's used stingrays 4300 times, and now we know most of that is on the level of check forgery and phone theft.

Pirate sites ban Windows 10 over privacy worries


Paranoia has spiked over the notion that Microsoft plans to keep people from running software they never bought.

Jeb Bush: encryption makes it harder to catch "evildoers"

Jeb Bush: encryption makes it too hard to catch "evildoers"

Republican US presidential candidate Jeb Bush said Tuesday that encryption makes it harder for the NSA to do its job, and advocated for broad NSA surveillance powers to catch "evildoers."

The latest accessory to flummox facial recognition cameras - the Privacy Visor!

Privacy Visor

Wear it with the melting-face T-shirt and the hoodie that kicks away light, and you'll be the belle of the privacy ball!

The NSA is funding a 'safer' Internet of Things


A university project aims to build a lightweight virtualization architecture that can be used to bake cybersecurity into connected systems from the design phase.

Stingray-like phone spying machine used to blackmail and rig state tenders

Mobile phone mast

A South African official is suspected of forging a document to allow a businessman to illegally/allegedly buy the pricey device.

Websites can track us by the way we type - here's how to stop it

Keyboard. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

Researchers have come up with a new Chrome extension that muffles our key-press duration and typing lags.

Celebrity caught on police camera causes Twitter uproar

Strictly speaking, you couldn't tell who he was, because the pic showed the top of his head...

...but you *could* see a suit and a pink shirt.

Who killed Proxyham?

Who killed Proxyham?

The new and cheap anonymizing device, Proxyham, has been axed and its DEF CON talk cancelled. Was the firm hit with a gag order, or was it just hype to begin with?

WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger could be banned by UK's newly proposed bill

WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger could by banned by UK's newly proposed bill

Newly proposedĀ UK legislation will demand that messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Snapchat remove encryption from their apps altogether or see them banned.