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Apple, Google and others urge Obama to say no to backdoors

Tech firms and cryptographers lobby the Obama administration, urging resistance to the implementation of backdoors in popular software.

South Korea mandates spyware on teens' phones

South Korea mandates spyware on teens' phones

Parents can't opt out, regardless of any privacy concerns. Let's hope they don't get hit by an mSpy-esque data breach.

DEA sued over "suspicionless" mass surveillance of Americans' phone records

DEA sued over secret dragnet of Americans' phone records

Human Rights Watch and EFF are suiing the drug agency, along with the FBI, DOJ and the USA itself, to make sure they torch the bulk surveillance program and purge its mountain of records.

A third of Americans have changed online and phone behaviours post-Snowden

A third of Americans have changed online and phone behaviours post-Snowden

Edward Snowden has been heard, and his words are having at least some effect. True, a minority have changed to better protect their privacy, but the more people know, the more likely they are to change.

Wikimedia joins forces with others to sue NSA, DOJ over mass surveillance

Wikimedia sues NSA, DOJ to stop spying

The ACLU has filed a suit on behalf of rights groups against the NSA's spying program - in particular, its large-scale search and seizure of internet communications, commonly referred to as upstream surveillance.

Ruin privacy-invading photos with reflective glass nanosphere clothing

Reflective nanosphere clothing ruins paparazzi's photos

Wearing clothes that turn you invisible is one way to fend off unwanted photographs, but your identity's still up for grabs in the light of day.

NoFlyZone aims to keep the airspace over your home drone-free

NoFlyZone aims to keep the airspace over your home drone-free registers each address along with its GPS coordinates, which are then relayed to drone manufacturers to create a geofence around the home.

Canary Watch site will keep an eye out for vanishing warrant canaries

Canary Watch

Canary Watch will track changes to these transparency report statements that would indicate providers had received subpoenas with gag orders.

Super Bowl XLIX - a costly spectacle amid heightened security and surveillance


The Department of Homeland Security has declared that there is not a specific, credible threat against the Super Bowl this year, but that's not stopping the agency from going all out on security and surveillance.

Massive DEA license plate reader program tracks millions of Americans

DEA tracking millions of license plates in "forfeiture" program

The DEA is using license plate reader cameras to capture information on an enormous number of motorists, with nearly 800 million license plates stored in a database used by federal and local authorities.

Pirate Wi-fi is IN DA HOUSE - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]

Here's the latest episode of our weekly "60 Second Security" video.

The latest news, presented in a way that will make you smile...and it only takes a minute.

David Cameron wants to ban encrypted apps like iMessage and Whatsapp

David Cameron. Image courtesy of Frederic Legrand - COMEO / Shutterstock.

In the wake of the Paris attacks, UK Prime Minister David Cameron is targeting encrypted communications that governments can't read.

Schmidt: Want to keep your sensitive data away from the NSA? Use Google

Schmidt: Google's your best bet to evade the NSA

NSA spying revelations shocked Google, so it encrypted the beejezus out of everything. We'll all be dead by the time it's cracked, Schmidt said.

How have attitudes to privacy changed post-Snowden?

Survey: post-Snowden, 39% take steps to protect privacy

A recent survey reports 43% of users avoid certain websites and applications and 39% change their passwords regularly since the Snowden revelations. Is that number low, or is it an encouraging sign of growing sensitivity to privacy issues?

US Congress OKs 'unprecedented' codification of warrantless surveillance

US Capitol. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

The US Congress has quietly passed a bill that includes warrantless forfeiture of private communications to local law enforcement and allows for indefinite retention of any encrypted content.

Senate kills bill that would have reined in NSA and rampant surveillance

USA flag. Image courtesy of Shutterstock

Yesterday the Senate axed The USA Freedom Act, which missed the chance to be debated by just two "yes" votes. With it goes what privacy advocates had called the best opportunity yet to curb the country's run-amok surveillance.

Would you allow access to Facebook at Work? [POLL]

What would you say to a variant of Facebook that you could use at work?

And not just *at* work, but *for* work?

YouTube channel swamps police with requests for disclosure of body-cam video

YouTube. Image courtesy of 360b/Shutterstock

A YouTube channel has been surfacing police body-cam footage. It now has some 75 videos up, showing, among other things, men with knives, break-ins, car accidents, drug smoking, and an emergency phone call about a woman going into labor. Subjects' privacy, it seems, is getting trampled in the stampede to get at such video.

Placemeter monitors streets from apartment windows: time to don a mask?

Placemeter monitors street views from apartment windows: time to don a mask?

Placemeter wants window-owners to survey real-time traffic, while promising that all that data is aggregated and anonymized and won't be stored or shared. Should we relax?

Adobe will update e-reader to mop up clear-text data spillage


Adobe is working on an update to fix the latest iteration of its e-book reader, which has a gluttonous appetite for readers' data and the slovenly habit of reporting our reading habits back to Adobe - in plain text.