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Silk Road leads to eight arrests in US, UK, Sweden

Silk Road leads to eight arrests in US, UK, Sweden

Eight more people have been arrested in the wake of the shutdown of Silk Road, the online, illegal-drug bazaar, and the seizure of its alleged mastermind.

SSCC 111 - PRISM and data leakage, encryption, Google contracts and Flash on phones [PODCAST]

Episode #111 of the Sophos Security Chet Chat podcast is here.

Chet and Duck are back, wrangling the latest security stories into an entertaining and informative quarter-hour of useful news.

PRISM, UK Surveillance, Sweden vs. Google, Blackberry Z10 - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]

Do you really need to worry about things like privacy and security?

Here's the latest in our 60 Second Security video series, bringing you fast, incisive and entertaining evidence that says, "Yes, you do!"

"Nej till Google!" - Sweden tells a local council that Google's cloud is a no-go area

Swedish bureaucrats have instructed a town in the Scandinavian country to say "No" to Google.

They object to the leeway over customer data that Google grants itself in its cloud contracts...

"Julian Assange of Wikileaks arrested in London" hoax

WikiLeak's Assange unlikely to face charges

Controversial Wikileaks pinup Julian Assange has been arrested after slipping out of the Ecuadorian embassy in London to seek medical treatment at a nearby clinic.

Or has he?

Top journalists' email passwords made public, as scandal impacts over 200,000


A security scandal is making news headlines in Sweden as claims are made that newspaper journalists and politicians were spied upon, hundreds of thousands of users have their details exposed, and a major blogging portal shuts its doors.