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Police arrest Virginia Tech student over Yik Yak threat

Virginia Tech

It's an anonymous messaging app that's not all that anonymous. That's a good thing in this case, given that the Yak alluded to the anniversary of a mass murder.

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Anatomy of an Attack comes to Portland, OR


Anatomy of an Attack comes to Portland, OR (PDX) March 14, 2012. Learn about the latest security threats, see a live malware demo and more.

Sophos Security Threat Report 2012 - seeing through the hype


We know you're probably sceptical of "state of the world" reports from vendors. For all you can tell, they'll turn out to be thinly-digsuised advertorial, unreconstructed product brochures, or worse.

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Louise Mensch: 59-year-old man arrested in 'Anonymous email threat' probe

Louise Mensch

Police have arrested a 59-year-old man in connection with threats made against a British MP's children via email and Twitter.

Louise Mensch MP claims Anonymous threatened her children


British MP Louise Mensch claims that members of the Anonymous and LulzSec hacktivist groups have threatened her children, and demanded that she stop posting on Twitter.