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Law enforcement is learning to navigate the Dark Web

INTERPOL trains law enforcement to navigate the Darknet

Police from 11 countries got to role-play as vendors, buyers and admins on a virtual Darknet, replete with illicit marketplaces and cryptocurrencies.

Fake femme fatale dupes IT guys at US government agency

Femme Fatale

Some offered her jobs, asked her out to dinner, or offered to help her get network access and a laptop. In short, men who should know better flocked to "Emily", supposedly a 28-year-old MIT grad with 10 years of experience and fake social-media profiles to die for, like moths to the social engineering flame.

Bank robbers pose as IT guys, rig device to slurp £1.3m from Barclays


A gang of eight is now in custody, after one of them pretended to be an IT engineer and hooked a KVM switch onto a bank computer to siphon off the funds.

Defending against web-based malware: Spot the smoke, don't wait for fire


Malware rarely gets into your network without some sort of tell-tale signs beforehand.

Learning to spot the metaphorical smoke that precedes the fire of a malware infection is a handy metaphor for keeping your network safe.

Should employees be punished for sloppy cyber security? [POLL]

Should employees be punished for sloppy cyber security?

Should they be held accountable for their scam-email-opening ways? Should we tell them off at assessment time, brand them with a mark of shame, or, just maybe, a third option: invest a bit more in decent security training?

How to explain phishing to your Grandma [VIDEO]


Have you ever had to explain phishing to your Grandma? Are you tech support for friends and family?

If so, then the Sophos Threatsaurus is just what you need. The 2012 edition is hot off the press - get it for free today!

How to teach tomorrow's doctors about social media privacy

Teaching the next generation of doctors about digital privacy can’t just be about punishment

Social media and health care privacy may not mix well, but telling the trainees who have grown up with social media to simply "abstain – or else!" doesn't help students structure their behaviours in the digital age.