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Google reports new shenanigans in ongoing Turkish internet blockade


Turkey recently blocked Twitter and YouTube, as well as Google's free Public DNS servers that many people used to get around the blockade.

Now Google reports another layer of "active intervention" by Turkish ISPs...

Turkey blocks YouTube access amid “security concerns”

Turkey blocks YouTube access amid “security concerns”

The Turkish government continued its heavy-handed approach to social media on Thursday, restricting YouTube access after the leak of an audio recording of Turkish officials discussing possible military action in Syria.

Turkey bans Twitter, citizens tweet more

Turkey flag. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

Last Friday the Turkish government slapped a ban on Twitter, saying that it had failed to comply with court orders imposed after some of its citizens used the social networking site to share allegations of corruption amongst high-level officials. But that doesn't seem to have stopped Turkish tweeters.

Monday review - the hot 17 stories of the week

OK, these aren't just the hot 17 stories of the past week, but of the two weeks before that, too.

If, like us, you've been enjoying some downtime over the Christmas and New Year holidays, here's your quickest way to get back up to speed with Naked Security...

Beware Remove your Facebook Timeline scams

Beware Remove your Facebook Timeline scams

Not everyone is a fan of Facebook's Timeline feature. And that's a fact of which spammers and scammers are happy to take advantage.

Think before you install a browser plugin to hide your Facebook Timeline.

Thanksgiving: eat the bounty, hang out with family and update web browsers

IE 6 logo and hand turkey

Thanksgiving is coming up this weekend in the US. It's a holiday of gluttony and family time, and, according to The Atlantic, a chance to update your family's internet browsers.

AnonPlus, Anonymous's social network, is hacked

AnonPlus, Anonymous's social network, is hacked

Turkish hackers deface AnonPlus's webpage with an image of a dog wearing a suit, mocking the more normal Anonymous logo.

32 Anonymous suspects arrested in Turkey

32 Anonymous suspects arrested in Turkey

Turkish police are reported to have detained 32 people in connection with Anonymous internet attacks on government websites.

23 "Kurdish rebel hackers" arrested in Turkey

Default image

Authorities in Turkey have apprehended 23 people alleged to have been involved in hacking attacks on government websites. According to media reports, the detainees are believed to be connected to the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), and were following instructions Read more…

New Zealand websites hijacked

Image (1) ms-newzealand-hacked.jpg for post 12068

Turkish hackers have managed to break into New Zealand domain registrar Domainz.net, redirecting unsuspecting surfers to defaced versions of popular websites by changing DNS records. Websites such as www.hsbc.co.nz, www.sony.co.nz, coca-cola.co.nz, www.xerox.co.nz, www.msn.co.nz, www.microsoft.co.nz and hotmail.co.nz as well as security Read more…

Kurdish rebel hacker faces up to 10 years in jail

Image (1) kurdistan-workers-party.jpg for post 12002

Authorities in Turkey are seeking a ten year jail sentence for a man who has admitted he was a hacker working for the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), and is alleged to have planted spyware on x-rated websites. According to media Read more…