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Curt Schilling suspended over tweet comparing Muslims to Nazi-era Germans


The tweet compared the percentage of Germans who were Nazis with the number of Muslims who are extremists.

'Loose tweets destroy fleets' - US Air Force warns


Keeping quiet is crucial to OPSEC: for civilians, it can help keep our digital lives secure. For military, it can save lives.

You'll have to stop stealing jokes on Twitter now

Horse. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

Ripping off other people's stuff, even jokes, is no laughing matter!

Celebrity caught on police camera causes Twitter uproar

Strictly speaking, you couldn't tell who he was, because the pic showed the top of his head...

...but you *could* see a suit and a pink shirt.

Court orders Facebook to identify revenge porn poster

Dutch court orders Facebook to ID revenge porn poster

The social network has been ordered by a Dutch court to either identify the uploader of a sex video or open its servers up to an independent investigator.

Katie Hopkins has her Twitter account hacked, bogus 'sex tape' tweets issued

Katie Hopkins' Twitter account hacked, bogus 'sex tape' tweets issued

The controversial Katie Hopkins had her Twitter account hacked by someone threatening to release a bogus sex tape.

Monday review - the hot 22 stories of the week

Here are last week's stories in one convenient place so you can catch up on what you missed!

Twitter’s new Periscope app takes a user privacy hit

Twitter’s new Periscope app takes a user privacy hit

If a user forgets to turn off the Twitter button before broadcasting a private video stream, the title gets shared with all the user's followers.

Hijacked school Twitter account turns head teacher into a porn star

Naked Security:

Nothing like a bit of Photoshopping and access to the school's Twitter account to turn an unwitting head teacher into a beefcake.

Convicted identity thief caught after posting selfie on Twitter

Convicted identity thief caught after posting selfies on Twitter

Selfie-posting tax fraud fugitive Lance Ealy has been apprehended by US Marshals after four months on the run.

Monday review - the hot 23 stories of the week


Here they are: the hot computer security stories of the past week, neatly laid out for you to review.

Twitter threatens revenge porn posters with account locking and suspension

Twitter. Image courtesy of 360b/Shutterstock.

Twitter says it will lock accounts of users who post intimate content without subjects' permission, until the offending material's deleted, and might suspend accounts if the intent is harassment.

How nine out of ten healthcare pages leak private data

Medical cross. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

A recent study has shown that nine out of ten visits to health-related web pages result in data being leaked to third parties like Google, Facebook and Experian. That's not new, so why do we care now? And how does it happen in the first place?

Twitter's new tool should stop password sharing and help fend off hijackings

Twitter. Image courtesy of Shutterstock / Twin Design.

The new tool, TweetDeck Teams, lets users share Twitter accounts without having to share passwords.

Anonymous takes down dozens of "terrorist" social media accounts in #OpISIS

Anonymous takes down dozens of Twitter accounts in #OpISIS

Infamous hacktivist group Anonymous has begun a new operation designed to take down ISIS sympathisers on the web.

Chipotle apologises for offensive tweets, says account was hacked

Chipotle apologises for offensive tweets, says account was hacked

Mexican fast-food chain Chipotle was forced to apologise after its hacked Twitter account spewed out a string of unpalatable tweets.

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School rule-breakers to hand over Facebook and Twitter passwords

Students who cyberbully may forfeit social media passwords

US school students in the state of Illinois may be forced to give up their social media passwords if they're suspected of cyberbullying or of otherwise breaking school rules.

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Here's the latest episode of our weekly "60 Second Security" video.

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