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Samsung updates back in the news - for breaking Windows updates

Samsung logo

A 22-year-old Microsoft MVP has hit the media spotlight with a blog article about Samsung updates - and it's not good news for Samsung!

SCADA programmers? It's time for security by default! 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]

Here's the latest episode of our weekly 60-second security video.

Enjoy the news in just one minute...

SSCC 130 - Botnets, banking, breaches, patching and the Mavericks controversy [PODCAST]


What's the best way to deal with botnets? Should you use your bank's mobile app? Why all these data breaches? What about Patch Tuesday? Do you really *have* to update your Mac to Mavericks?

Listen as Chet and Duck dissect and explore the week's security stories...

Apple security fixes for SSL, Safari and iOS


Apple has released security updates for iOS, Safari and OS X covering several vulnerabilities, mostly web related. The most high profile update is the revocation of the fraudulently signed certificates issued by Comodo.

Stay safe online with Sophos this Christmas


From the comfort of summer, Sophos Southern Hemisphere says, "Stay safe online this Christmas!"

We've included some holiday-time tips for your friends and family, too - don't let your cyberguard down over the festive season.