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Alleged US Army hacker Lauri Love wants his computers back

Alleged US Army hacker wants his computers back

A man arrested on suspicion of hacking into the computer systems of the United States Army and other federal agencies is petitioning for the return of his encrypted computers and storage devices.

International hackers charged over Call of Duty and Apache helicopter software theft

Call of Duty

Hackers from Australia, Canada and the US have been charged with breaking into the networks of games developers and the US Army to steal software worth at least $100m, according to prosecutors.

British man charged with hacking into US army and NASA network

British man charged with hacking into US army and NASA network

US prosecutors described Lauri Love as a "sophisticated and prolific computer hacker" who allegedly stole "massive quantities of sensitive data" which, they claim, resulted in "millions of dollars in losses." Love and his three accomplices allegedly stole data on more than 500 individuals, as well as information about government budgets and the "demolition and disposal of military facilities."

Monday review - the hot 17 stories of the week

Monday review

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US Army ignores shared PC login flaw, asks soldiers to keep quiet

US Army ignores shared PC login flaw, tells soldiers to keep quiet

A soldier was allegedly made to sign a non-disclosure agreement by the US Army after pointing out a security flaw which allowed accounts on shared PCs to be accessed without proper authentication.

US Army warns about the risks of geotagging


With the dangers of geotagging more than obvious for soldiers, the US Army is also warning civilians against tagging their every move.