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Looking for love in all the scammy places this Valentine's Day

Looking for love in all the scammy places

The FBI is warning about Lotharios who prey on people in online dating scams. Don't get caught out!

Beware of spam this Valentine's Day

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Looking forward to Valentine's Day? Need a last minute present? Don't let spammers take advantage of you.

Russian mobile users targeted by SMS Valentine Trojan


A Valentine's Day mobile application, which promises to send an romantic MMS message to a loved one, actually hides a money-making scheme that sends expensive messages to a Russian premium rate SMS number.

Valentine's Day scams spread virally on Facebook


Is there a girl/boy you really like? Do you want to send them a love poem on Facebook?

If so, you could be just the kind of person that survey scammers are looking for.

Bonne Saint-Valentin's

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It's finally here, that day eagerly anticipated by spammers and malware authors around the world -- and they're hard at work trying to snag those last minute shoppers. We have the expected Viagra spammers: Casino spammers: and, of course, replica Read more…

Beware of viral Valentines

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It's St Valentine's Day on Sunday, which means many will be sitting by their email inboxes in the hope of receiving a romantic message from a secret admirer. However, don't think that Cupid is the only one who might be Read more…

Valentine's day spam

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Roses are red Violets are blue If you buy things from spammers You will get more spam Around holidays SophosLabs often sees an increase in gift spam, St. Valentines's day is no exception. There are a number of problems that Read more…

Public information film about Valentine eCard threat

Public information film about Valentine eCard threat

Following an experiment with a time machine, a tin of turps and an old copy of the Radio Times, the following sexist public information film appeared on my desk this morning. It provides some old-fashioned sound advice on the threat Read more…

Valentine's Flash - Tainted Love

Valentine's Flash - Tainted Love

It made a change today to see malware in a Valentine's-based spam run that wasn't related to Dorf. Nor was it a Pushdo, nor even a Zapchas (though we've seen some of those this week too). Today's spam looked very Read more…

Another day, another Dorf story

Another day, another Dorf story

Our most recent post described the current increase in spam propagating the Dorf ("Storm") malware. I thought it'll be interesting to provide some extra detail on this. It's been almost a month since we've started seeing "Storm" spam exploiting the Read more…

Never Ending Dorfs

Never Ending Dorfs

Like a very bad itch, a new batch of the Dorf worms (also known as "Storm") have resurfaced today. SophosLabs analysts noticed a sharp increase in our spamtraps today and it was discovered to be related to the spread of Read more…

Falling In Love with You...

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The holiday season is over and Valentine's Day is one month away, but the cybercriminals aren't willing to wait that long. This morning we saw a new variant of Dorf malware (also known as Storm) spammed out using the "Love" Read more…