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PayPal, prison and ransomware - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]

Here's this week's 60 Second Security video...

The latest news presented in a fun way, all in just one minute.

Mummy, my schoolbooks are spying on me! 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]

Here's our latest 60 Second Security video for your viewing pleasure.

The wry side of the week's news, in just a minute...

Return of the Android SMS virus - self-spreading "Selfmite" worm comes back for more


Back in June 2014, we wrote about an Android virus that worked a bit like the email worms of the early 2000s.

Well, that Android virus has made a comeback, and this variant is both pushier and more flexible than before...

The EPIC edition - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]

One less opt-in app, one more Android virus, and a bunch of EPIC failures...

All in this week's 60 Second Security.

SSCC 160 - That's not just any old malware - that's a TRUE VIRUS! [PODCAST]

Ready for listening...

Here's this week's Sophos Security Chet Chat podcast.

Android "Heart App" virus spreads quickly, author arrested within 17 hours

Q. How to attract the attention of the police if you're a bored student on summer vacation?

A. Write a virus that unleashes 20,000,000 SMSes, infects 100,000 devices, and steals personal data...

SSCC 154: Fraud, viruses, patches and encryption (in that order!) [PODCAST]

Where does your country sit on the fraud list? Just how much can you trust SMSes on Android? Is Apple serious enough about iOS security? And will Google's End-To-End email encryption plugin save the world?

Find out with Chet and Duck in this week's Chet Chat podcast...

Anatomy of an Android SMS virus - watch out for text messages, even from your friends!


Paul Ducklin looks into "Andr/SlfMite-A", an Android SMS virus.

The malware sends itself to your top 20 contacts and foists an third party app for an alternative Android software market onto your device...

59 vulns in IE, teenager versus Turing, and Twitter gets wormed - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]

Is 59 vulns in IE some kind of record? Did a computer really pass the Turing Test? Can a network worm ever be a joke?

Find out in one minute!

Unhappy birthday to you - mobile malware turns 10


It's 10 years since June 2004, when the first mobile malware appeared.

We don't want to *celebrate* this anniversary, you understand, but we thought we'd look back to see what we can learn...

Researcher uses botnet to map internet - vital public service, or cybercriminal dodginess? [POLL]

An anonymous researcher just published a paper that claims to have mapped out almost the entire internet for the first, and perhaps the last, time.

Thing is, he used a virus to create a giant botnet to do it. Does the end justify the means?

Malware found sucking up data on new Japanese space agency rocket

Malware found sucking up data on new Japanese space agency rocket

Malware discovered on a Japanese space agency desktop computer has been stealing data on Epsilon - a new, AI-enabled rocket - and beaming it to controllers outside the agency. It's only the latest in a string of data-siphoning incidents that's plagued the agency.

New updated Virus Removal Tool from Sophos now available


Sophos has just released an updated version of its free and very popular Sophos Virus Removal Tool.

Memories of the Bugbear virus - ten years on

Ten years after - the Bugbear virus revisited

Ten years ago, the Bugbear virus was everywhere.

Remind yourself what happened, and if you were there at the time, please leave a comment to tell us your story!

Black Hat - SexyDefense, maximizing the home-field advantage

Black Hat - SexyDefense, maximizing the home-field advantage

Irene Michlin from SophosLabs shares her thoughts on a presentation that suggests the good guys should strike back by writing malware to target criminals.

July 4th fireworks fiasco in San Diego? Computer virus gets the blame


A botched Independence Day fireworks show is blamed on a computer problem.

But was it a computer virus?

In memoriam - Alan Turing's 100th birthday

In memoriam - Alan Turing's 100th birthday

Alan Turing is probably best known to the public for his cryptanalytical derring-do at Bletchley Park, UK, during the Second World War.

But it is Turing's ever-present Halting Problem which teaches us the most about modern-day computer security. We salute his pioneering work.

SKA - no longer a troublesome mass-mailing computer virus

SKA - no longer a troublesome mass-mailing computer virus

In computer security history, the word Ska is most notably associated with a widespread mass-mailing virus also known as Happy99.

Happily, that association has recently been subsumed by an ambitious astronomical project - one which brings astonishing computer science challenges all of its own.

Iran oil terminal suffers malware attack

Iran oil terminal suffers malware attack

The Mehr news agency in Iran is reporting that the oil ministry and entire industry has been taken offline after suffering a malware attack.