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If you make everybody use weaker locks, it's burglars who benefit! 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]

Security can be fun...here's the latest episode of our weekly 1-minute video.


WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger could be banned by UK's newly proposed bill

WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger could by banned by UK's newly proposed bill

Newly proposed UK legislation will demand that messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Snapchat remove encryption from their apps altogether or see them banned.

WhatsApp ranked worst at protecting user data

WhatsApp, AT&T ranked worst at protecting user data

Even the one star WhatsApp got in the EFF's ranking - for publicly opposing backdoors for government spying - was inherited from Facebook.

Swearing on WhatsApp in UAE could result in a fine, jail time or deportation

Man faces $68,000 fine or jail for swearing on WhatsApp under UAE cybercrimes law

Rageaholics, beware: the country's passed laws against swearing, be it online or in person, and that includes F-you emojis.

Android M will give app users a lot better control over their data privacy


Android's next version will finally give users the same type of control over app permissions as iOS.

WhatsApp spy tool lets anyone track when you're online

WhatsApp spy tool lets anyone track when you're online

WhatsSpy Public illustrates that fiddling with your privacy settings doesn't stop people from tracking your status and any changes you've made to profile photos, status messages and settings.

Facebook's got a new privacy policy, and it plans to share your data with partners

Facebook's got a new privacy policy, and it plans to share your data with other sites

As Facebook's new privacy policy comes into force users can expect more sharing of their data and 'enhanced' targeting of adverts across partnered websites.

WhatsApp Web has privacy holes that could expose user photos


WhatsApp has just rolled out a new service called WhatsApp Web that allows users to sync the messaging app between their mobile devices and desktop, but the new web client has a couple of privacy pitfalls that indicate it's not really ready for its close-up.

WhatsApp issues 24 hour ban for WhatsApp Plus users

Whatsapp ban

WhatsApp has started giving out day-long bans to those using a third party Android app to send and receive messages through its service.

David Cameron wants to ban encrypted apps like iMessage and Whatsapp

David Cameron. Image courtesy of Frederic Legrand - COMEO / Shutterstock.

In the wake of the Paris attacks, UK Prime Minister David Cameron is targeting encrypted communications that governments can't read.

Whatsapp now provides end-to-end encryption by default for messages


A new update to the Android version of WhatsApp includes an unexpected but pleasant surprise – end-to-end encryption that is enabled by default.

WhatsApp revenge porn poster first to be jailed for the offence in the UK

Jail bars. Image courtesy of Shutterstock

An ex-boyfriend who swapped out his WhatsApp profile picture for a naked picture of his ex-girlfriend has been sentenced to 12 weeks in jail. Lucky for him, a proposed quadrupling of that maximum sentence to 2 years is still working its way through Parliament.

Foursquare app tracks your location by default whenever your phone is on


Foursquare, makers of the popular app that lets you "check in" wherever you go, unveiled a new version this week that tracks your location even when the app is closed, with opt-in as the default.

We show you how to opt out if you don't want ad men and Foursquare to constantly know your whereabouts.

What would make you quit Facebook? Here's what you said ...

Quit Facebook?

Last week we asked our readers to take a poll about Facebook's controversial social experiment on thousands of unknowing users.

Lots of you responded - more than 1,000 - and we received a lot of great comments. Here's what you said ...

Iranian court beckons Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg to answer accusations of privacy violation

Mark Zuckerberg. Image courtesy of Frederic Legrand / Shutterstock.com

An Iranian court has not only opened a case against Facebook's instant-message services WhatsApp and Instagram; it's also summoned that "American Zionist" Mark Zuckerberg himself to answer complaints of privacy violation.

Snapchat agrees to settlement with FTC over privacy complaints


Snapchat and the FTC have come to terms in a settlement over the privacy practices of the controversial mobile message service company.

Will Snapchat be better at protecting user privacy now that it's required to be monitored by a privacy auditor for the next 20 years?

Here we go again: Viber mobile messenger app leaves user data unencrypted


Viber, a mobile messenger app that allows users to make phone calls and send text messages for free, also gives up plenty of free user data to anyone who wants to listen.

Will Viber, WhatsApp and Snapchat ever learn?

SSCC 144 - iOS malware, fingerprint security, WhatsApp privacy, hacking the taxman [PODCAST]


How bad is the risk from iOS malware? What's the state of play in fingerprint security? Should you trust mobile apps? Is it wise to hack the taxman? What if Brian Krebs calls to warn you've been pwned?

Chet and Duck turn their wit and insight on the week's news...

Monday review - the hot 21 stories of the week


It's weekly roundup time!

Here's all the great stuff we've written in the past seven days.