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Windows RT 8.1 update pulled after it gives tablets the blue screen of death

Windows RT 8.1 update pulled after it BSODs Surface tablets

Microsoft has pulled the weekend's release of Windows RT 8.1 due to a "situation" that causes the Blue Screen of Death on Surface tablets. Here are the fixes you need if you were caught up this epic fail of an update.

Monday review - the hot 22 stories of the week


Here you go.

All the stories we wrote in the past seven days, in case you missed anything (or just want to read them again).

Windows tablets - easy, one-stop jailbreak now available for everyone. What should Microsoft do? [POLL]

Windows RT jailbreaking is now more-or-less a click away.

How should Microsoft react? Have your say in our poll...

Microsoft and Adobe issue first Patch Tuesday of 2013

Patch Tuesday critical fixes for July 2012

The first Patch Tuesday of 2013 is here and there are plenty of important fixes to download including two critical Windows flaws and critical updates to Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash Player.

Windows RT "jailbroken", shows its Windows 8 roots

Open cage image courtesy of Shutterstock

A security researcher has discovered a way to allow any code to run on Windows RT/Surface tablets, effectively "jailbreaking" Microsoft's latest foray into mobile computing.