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Former virus writer open-sources his DIY combination lock-picking robot


Back in 2005, a youngster called Samy Kamkar wrote a JavaScript virus for MySpace.

This time, he's made a DIY lock-picking robot - and you can make one too, if you like.

Surely not the "Virus DESTROYS Computer" story again? 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]

Our weekly fun-but-serious one-minute security video.

Malware hype, FTC action and some ancient history (well, the LOVE BUG)... enjoy.

Memories of the LOVE BUG - 15 years ago today


It said "ILOVEYOU", and it promised a harmless-looking text file. But it actually contained an email virus that got just about everywhere.

Could something like this ever happen again?

Mummy, my schoolbooks are spying on me! 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]

Here's our latest 60 Second Security video for your viewing pleasure.

The wry side of the week's news, in just a minute...

Return of the Android SMS virus - self-spreading "Selfmite" worm comes back for more


Back in June 2014, we wrote about an Android virus that worked a bit like the email worms of the early 2000s.

Well, that Android virus has made a comeback, and this variant is both pushier and more flexible than before...

SSCC 154: Fraud, viruses, patches and encryption (in that order!) [PODCAST]

Where does your country sit on the fraud list? Just how much can you trust SMSes on Android? Is Apple serious enough about iOS security? And will Google's End-To-End email encryption plugin save the world?

Find out with Chet and Duck in this week's Chet Chat podcast...

SSCC 152 - PF Chang's, TrueCrypt (still!), the Twitter worm and the cost of scammers [PODCAST]

Sophos security experts Chester Wisniewski and Paul Ducklin turn their attention on the week's security news.

As usual, they extract plenty of useful lessons during their insightful dissection of the latest issues...

59 vulns in IE, teenager versus Turing, and Twitter gets wormed - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]

Is 59 vulns in IE some kind of record? Did a computer really pass the Turing Test? Can a network worm ever be a joke?

Find out in one minute!

Twitter jumps to block XSS worm in Tweetdeck


A cross-site scripting flaw was disclosed this morning affecting the popular Twitter application Tweetdeck. It has now been fixed, but not before it wormed its way through thousands of browsers.

Unhappy birthday to you - mobile malware turns 10


It's 10 years since June 2004, when the first mobile malware appeared.

We don't want to *celebrate* this anniversary, you understand, but we thought we'd look back to see what we can learn...

WhatsApp users, ignore messages from 'Priyanka' - it's a worm

WhatsApp users, ignore messages from 'Priyanka' - it's a worm

What's up with WhatsApp? A worm is changing contact group names to "Priyanka" as it crawls through, and sometimes renames all contact names in worst-case scenarios.

W32/VBNA-X worm spreads quickly through networks and removable media

W32/VBNA-X worm spreads quickly through networks and removable media

A new particularly virulent version of the malware family known as W32/VBNA (also SillyFDC/Autorun) is spreading very quickly. It takes advantage of Windows Autorun and some very clever social engineering techniques to plant banking Trojans on victim computers.

Pentagon bankrolls new worm

Pentagon bankrolls new worm

A gaggle of researchers from MIT, Harvard and Seoul National University have made international headlines with a brand-new worm, apparently bankrolled by DARPA.

Find out more...

Malware shuts down hospital near Atlanta, Georgia


A hospital near Atlanta, Georgia last week had to stop accepting all non-trauma patients after a malware infection shutdown their network. Is their IT poorly managed, or does this represent more serious problems in the medical space?

IHC, Mac malware, Nerd New Year, Conficker and Privacy à la Google - 60 Sec Security


Watch the latest security news in just 60 seconds!

Enjoy an IHC T-shirt sighting at Kiwicon; be unsurprised at yet more Mac malware; find out why Nerd New Year wasn't; groan because Conficker just won't go away; and get the feel for Privacy à la Google.

Google's open source geezer gets shirty about security

Google's open source geezer gets shirty about security

Google's hackerishly hirsute Open Source Programs Manager, Chris DiBona, stormed the IT headlines this week.

He stuck his paddle into the computer security world and stirred...

Memories of the Nimda virus

Memories of the Nimda virus

This weekend is the tenth anniversary of the infamous and pervasive Nimda virus.

It taught us lessons - about programming, about trust, and about patching. But did we learn?

Morto: RDP worm of death?

Morto: RDP worm of death?

The Morto worm is making the headlines, targeting Windows networks with poorly-chosen weak passwords.

SophosLabs has only received a small number of reports of the worm being seen in the wild.

Facebook virus spreads via photo album chat messages


A new social networking worm similar to Koobface is currently doing the rounds. This scam doesn't ask you to take a survey - it actively infects your computer with malware.