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SSCC 182 - What would the Pirate Party do? [PODCAST]


This week's episode of our quarter-hour security podcast.

Entertaining as well as accurate and educational - why not give it a listen?

Warbiking in London - insecure WiFi hotspots exposed [VIDEO]

Warbiking in London - insecure WiFi hotspots exposed [VIDEO]

WiFi security around London is leaving a lot to be desired.

Learn more in our video, and how you can protect yourself better.

SSCC 79 - Smart meter privacy concerns, WiFi insecurity due to WPS and password hashes explained

Sophos Security Chet Chat

Paul Ducklin joins Chet for the first Chet Chat of 2012. This week they discuss the privacy implications of smart meters, the recent research showing how WiFi routers are vulnerable due to an easy setup feature and password hashes.

Most Wi-Fi routers susceptible to hacking through security feature


Researchers have published a paper showing how a feature implemented in modern Wi-Fi routers intended to make securing them easier, in fact makes them insecure by default.