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How do you compare to Steve Wozniak? Take our survey and (maybe) win a new iPad Mini


Last year, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak showed off his travel backpack to Gizmodo readers. He needed a whopping seven containers to get through airport security!

Question is how do the rest of us compare. Tell us what you lug around and have a chance of winning an iPad Mini.

Apple iPhone bug - on-time to the party, late for work?


Did you have trouble getting up on New Year's Morning?

Seems that Apple iPhone users did, even if they hadn't been out partying the night before.

Zune Leap Year bug under the microscope

Image (1) zune-bug.gif for post 13223

More information about the non-virus problem which hung 30GB Zune MP3 players on New Year's Eve has been uncovered. It turns out that the problem is actually on the clock chip from Freescale embedded inside Microsoft's music device. As you Read more…

Zunes crash - but it's a bug, not a virus

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Yesterday, December 31st 2008, owners of Microsoft's Zune MP3 player found that their devices were freezing at start-up. The internet was bombarded by reports from 30GB Zune owners, concerned that their MP3 player may have been stricken by an astonishingly Read more…